George St

Famous, long street through the centre of Sydney city. Closed to public cars, it's home to trams and pedestrians. Lots of leading lines, city perspectives, and interesting people to capture. Be sure to walk the full length for maximum variety in streetscapes, and don't forget to look over your shoulder for any trams sneaking up behind you!

George St used to be one of the busiest and most congested streets in Sydney, but a recent re-structure closed the whole street off to cars to make way for Sydney's new tramline, which has resulted in one of the most pleasant walking experiences in the city.

The key photography (and walking) route starts at Wynyard station and continues south right past Town Hall and World Square. Be sure to walk the full length for maximum variety in streetscapes, from busy corporate settings near Wynyard, to old sandstone buildings at Martin Place, up through neon and traffic crossings past King St, the Apple Store, and Galeries Victoria, through to Chinatown at the south end.

You almost can't go wrong time-wise here; in the mornings the street's quiet, with golden light filtered through the tall buildings, midday gives you gritty street photography, evening golden hour is stunning lighting up the commuter crowd, and night brings out the city lights and some occasional neon. It even looks good in the rain.

Don't forget to look over your shoulder for any trams that might sneak up behind you!

Time of day
You can't go wrong here; day, night, golden hour, blue hour, even rain and cloudy days.
Opening hours
Public space, open 24/7
Field Notes

Lines, lines, lines! This whole street is an architectural, leading lines playground. Play with the tram tracks, the buildings, the layering of the high-rises in the distance with the curving of the road in the foreground, and the light's movement between the buildings. If it's raining the reflections on the ground are super fun, as are the building's lights, and the trams. This is also a major pedestrian thoroughfare, so street photography and portrait shots are great fun, especially during peak business hours.

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