Notting Hill

One of the most well-known, but super charming, areas of London, filled with pastel-painted buildings, winding streets, and beautiful architecture. Just be mindful that some of the key attractions here are private property, and you're in an everyday suburb, otherwise you'll have some less-than-pleased locals! Due to it being hard to pinpoint exactly one spot, this entry covers the entire neighbourhood, so it's recommended you walk around and explore; beautiful shots are waiting all around the area. For some specifics to get you started, check out Portobello Road (including Portobello Road Gin Distillery and The Sun in Splendor Pub), the coloured houses on Lancaster Rd, Alice's Antique Shop, St Luke's Mews, Colville Houses, and Hillgate Place.
Time of day
Daytime works best here, to get the full effect of the pastel buildings and character-filled architecture
Opening hours
Public space, open 24/7
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