The Shard

Hands-down one of the best aerial views you can get of London. Head up to floor 69 to avoid some of the potential glass reflection problems on the main floor 68, and shoot east over Tower Bridge towards Docklands, using the Thames as the main focal line in your shot. Equally stunning with a wide or zoom lens (especially when highlighting specific buildings and landmarks facing west at sunset).
Time of day
You're highly dependant on weather here, and need to pre-book your ticket. However, you can leave it as late as the day before to book, so depending on the day (aim for a week day!) and how busy they are, you can potentially work with weather forecasts and plan ahead. Aim to get there an hour before sunset, and stay through until dark for the full range of possible colours, lights, and shots.
Starts at £28, but check their website at for more details and booking.
Opening hours
Varies, check their website
Field Notes
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